The high-quality impact protection surface for every playground

Flexperience is the worldwide leading pioneer brand specializing in sustainably produced impact protection systems and is designed to provide maximum safety for children’s playgrounds. Many years of experience in the manufacture of rubber granules have led to the launch of a product that fulfils the most stringent requirements for protection and environmental compatibility.

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The benefits of Flexperience

  • Highest investment security thanks to OEM manufacturer guarantee and tested and worldwide standardized systems
  • Full transparency through a transparent delivery and ordering process and the extensive Flexperience information package.
  • Less material for the same effect - improved ecological balance and shorter installation times.
  • Only one point of contact for the entire order and delivery process by purchasing all materials as a system.
  • Same setup, better fall protection values - With an identical setup Flexperience fall protection surfaces have better fall protection values than comparable systems.

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State-of-the-art impact protection surfaces

The experts at Flexperience have been working together with leading manufacturers of playgrounds for many years. In cooperation they developed a system that outshines previous impact protection surfaces. Flexperience impact protection systems are setting new standards both with respect to safety and the efficient use of the granules. Highly effective with less material – advantages with respect to both economy and ecology! Take advantage of the latest research findings and contact us for additional information about Flexperience »

Become a certified Flexperience license partner

License partners benefit from an optimal, high-quality impact protection solution from the worldwide pioneering brand specializing in impact protection systems. You complete the entire ordering process in our efficient and convenient online portal. You have complete transparency from placement of the order through to delivery. If you need help with processing or using the systems, our support team is glad to assist you. Learn more »

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