Gezolan Flexperience O WEB

Optimal fall protection properties

due to the unique SCP TECHNOLOGY

Innovative rubber technology for safe playing

Rubber granules which meet the high requirements of fall protection surfaces were specially developed for FLEXPERIENCE. Using the SCP Technology, well-proved EPDM rubber granules are foamed in a new and innovative process. These foamed granules are used as BSG base layer granules in FLEXPERIENCE fall protection systems.

Learned from tradition - the «Swiss Cheese Principle»

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SCP is short for "Swiss Cheese Principle" and similar to Swiss cheese, each BSG base layer granule has tiny air holes/ vents. This perforated structure gives the already soft material an additional high degree of flexibility. Due to the SCP Technology FLEXPERIENCE systems ensure a maximum impact protection on children’s playgrounds.

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BSG base layer granules as a single component

Are you convinced of the FLEXPERIENCE BSG base layer granules and the innovative SCP technology, but don't want to take advantage of the system's benefits? Here is the solution for this matter: All EPDM granules from FLEXPERIENCE fall protection systems can also be purchased individually. In this way you can use the advantages of the innovative BSG base layer granules and the colored GEZOFLEX EPDM granules to develop your individual fall protection system. Inquire now »