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31. January 2020

Successful FLEXPERIENCE installation workshop

On January 12th, the first FLEXPERIENCE installation workshop took place at Vario Fields B.V. in the Netherlands. As an official licensee, all Vario Fields employees who install FLEXPERIENCE fall protection systems have received extensive training on the technical details and special features that must be observed when installing FLEXPERIENCE systems.

The workshop started with an extensive theoretical overview of the FLEXPERIENCE fall protection systems. In addition to the system structure and the critical fall heights that can be achieved, essential knowledge about the individual components of the system was imparted. In the subsequent introduction to the practical installation of the fall protection systems, the focus was on all aspects of installation. In addition to topics such as recommended tools and installation equipment, the correct setup of a construction site and a mixing area, were also imparted. Then the installation of FLEXPERIENCE systems was explained in theory step-by-step.

In the second part of the workshop, the practical basics for installing FLEXPERIENCE systems were trained. In the factory hall, where two large test areas were prepared the day before, many tips and tricks for installation could be clearly demonstrated. The FLEXPERIENCE application engineers first showed the participants how to mix the materials and then the various work steps involved in installing the both layers of the system. Due to its special features during installation, the focus here was primarily on processing the foamed FLEXPERIENCE base layer granule. In the subsequent success control, all workshop participants checked their knowledge by using a questionnaire and were able to see in which areas there was still a need for individual training. In the joint final discussion there was still the opportunity to clarify the last open questions.

With the training, our licensee Vario Fields is perfectly prepared for the upcoming FLEXPERIENCE projects.

Would you also like to benefit from the advantages of being a FLEXPERIENCE licensee? Everything you need to know about the FLEXPERIENCE partnership can be found here. Please do not hesitate to contact us.