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15. May 2018

Two projects as individual as FLEXPERIENCE itself

Two entirely different references in Switzerland show the broad application spectrum of Flexperience impact protection surfaces. While visual adaptation to the environment was the priority at the public outdoor play area in Biel, the diverse design possibilities of Flexperience were decisive for the indoor play world in Ebikon.

As part of a large-scale urban redevelopment project in Biel, a new city park with the “Schüss-Insel” island was created as a green zone with a total area of 53,000 m² in the middle of the city that significantly boosts the quality of life for the residents of Biel. The spacious recreation area with the 700m long island offers inviting park grounds, flat beaches and various places for resting, as well as recreation areas. It is therefore only logical that the “Schüsspark” should also have an attractive playground, which resulted in the first worldwide Flexperience reference in the spring of 2017. The colours were chosen so that the playground blends in harmoniously with the park grounds. For the 427 m² top layer of the play area, for example, a natural and muted colour scheme was created using the colour eggshell. In addition to the appearance, the safety requirements were fulfilled by using Flexperience impact protection systems with a thickness of 50 to 95 mm to meet the need for protection from a fall height of up to 3.00 m. This means that parents can be assured their children enjoy maximum safety while romping about the public outdoor playground. 

Flexperience provides optimal protection in indoor and outdoor play areas

A second Flexperience reference boasts an entirely different character. Six different colour hues were used to create a unique colourful and diversified play world in the Mall of Switzerland, the country’s largest shopping centre. Flexperience impact protection surfaces with a thickness of 40 to 90 mm guarantee the safety of children in the play area with a maximum required fall height of 2.60 m. The opportunity to run and play in safety makes shopping an experience for the kids, too.

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